If you want to dance with the market,

Satisfaction Questionnaire & References

Nilay O.

Everything has just begun. I am incredibly happy to see that I can earn money in the market that I have been dealing with for 6 years and lost 10-11 thousand dollars beforehand. I have drawn a long way for myself with the lessons and trainings I have received by putting an end to my searches. These long and thorny roads that I saw before training and classes are now thornless and I will finally go on this road comfortably. God bless you Mithat teacher.

Hüseyin Y.

I’ve watched 90% of your broadcasts. It has been very beneficial for me. I wish I learned this from you beforehand. You are truly a decent person. Especially, with the information you have given through the publications you have made, you have received a lot of prayers. I personally thank you very much. I am trading with the information I’ve learned from you. Your sincerity and humanity are excellent. Take good care of yourself. Good evening.

Metin Ç.

I had first seen you on Twitter. At that time, I felt that I would learn a lot from you. Later, I met you face to face at the Forex fair. You had a show there :)) Your seminars and meetings were very crowded at the Forex fair. Dozens of people stood watching. And I realized once again how right I was in my feelings. I have not missed any of your seminars and analysis trainings that you have given so far. Before I knew you, I had traded in forex and I had lost big money and I thought that I would never enter this business again and I could not find the courage to enter it, but after getting to know you, I believed that I could really do this job after I got your training. I would like to thank you, my teacher, Mithat, who has given me so much hope and encouragement. With my love and respect, my teacher. Thank you for being there.

Cüneyt K.

Your perspective on technical analysis is quite easy to comprehend. You describe any formation or strategy with ease. You have trained yourself very well on successful technical analysis of your strategies. I’ve been following your videos with interest. I am trying to use what I have learned in the stock market. Technically, my awareness has increased even more after watching you. There are a lot of videos, etc. on technical analysis, but I have not seen a strategy like yours. You are doing this job quite well. Thank you, Mithat.

Burhanettin Ş.

I got interested in forex on social media with my teacher, TMT Forex Academy, Mithat when I was desperately trying to search for resources. Once I met him, my whole perspective on forex changed. I tried and tested myself, and traded with admiration as I opened and closed each trade. In fact, there are many things to be said, bu tI cannot explain this happiness with words and lines. What I have learned about forex today comes from being a member of the TMT Forex Academy family. All the best, you’re a beautiful person.

Emre E.

I am a person who has received both abcd, wolfe formations and TMT Mobile Trading training from you. To be honest, I think that I have not been able to do well by any of these trainings until now. This is entirely due to the fact that I haven’t shown enough time for the trainings. Although I haven’t beaten my brain out your trainings, I can’t help myself from following your posts. In the training you provide, you explain in such a simple way that this job can be a serious source of income when it is done in a disciplined way. I think when you are asked who comes to mind first when you think of forex in this market, I think your name will be one of the first 3 names to be counted. I have great respect for you both as a person and for the works you’ve been doing. Good to know you. Good luck to you.

Önder Y.

Tmt Forex Academy has changed my view of the market in a positive way. While the rate of losers like Forex ais 70%, it’s helped me to break the thresholds of fear. I would like to add that he explains the most complex subjects with great ease and I appreciate is sincere approach to our questions. Thanks for everything.

İshak A.

When I first entered this market, I had my doubts. And I’ve heard that a lot of people say you can’t. After all, it is a market where many people do not gain money. However, I’ve increased my earnings while making up for my mistakes. Most importantly, I’ve told those who see this market as a game that it is a profession. I am a believer and I prayed that the creator would help me. And I did research. I developed many strategies through trial and error., and one day I came across TMT Forex Academy on Youtube. I was amazed when I understood difficult subjects, and I had seen that I did not have a single difficulty in understanding. It was as if Sir Mithat had a magic wand. I learned all the things he taught without regarding as necessary or unnecessary: Harmonic , wolf, ABCD, TMT mobile trade, TMT reversal , TMT lithium. To be the best, you need to choose the best teachers because what they teach can change your life. Everybody is mortal, but what it teaches remains forever. Good thing I got to know TMT.

Asım O.

As someone who only watches the trainings on TMT Mobile Trade and Youtube (I haven’t bought the whole set yet), I can say that before I met Mithat, I was not afraid of that price chart, and I thought I had done it because I had training before (I am a person who spent the last year and a half with full training) In fact, there was still some fear somewhere. He has killed it, too. In my eyes, the price chart is like buying potatoes and onions from the market. I can’t help but say this, this is a fact, believe it or not. Thank you Mithat teacher, thank you, you are a good man…

Ayhan Hazım D.

You are one of the people who can be counted with fingers in Turkey. One of my favourite professors used to say, “There’s no point in keeping the knowledge. I won’t take it to the grave”. You are one of the best places where anyone interested in Forex can get the information they want first hand. Since I got to know you, I have been increasing my knowledge, albeit slowly, learning something and increasing my self-confidence every day. Thank you, teacher.

Halil B.

My teacher, Mithat, made me walk again on the path I had left when I got lost. Especially in the analysis courses, there were technical analysis books in the past, and it was almost as if there was no explanation for the indicators. I took a break until the seminar at the forex fair, and after that, if we can pull ourselves together, we will walk with small steps. Sir, we need to copy your studies to ourselves and if we can add something to it, only then we will have achieved something. Thank you.

Tanju Y.

First, I did not know anything. After I bought your set, I started to earn money by analysing forex and stocks thanks to you. Let’s come Maviciks, Maviciks😊 Thank you TMT Mithat.

Tarkan A.

It takes some time to appreciate Sir Mithat and both his free and paid training notes and videos, because we always overlook the fact that is at the very core of our lives – Simple is Difficult -. Try to draw the egg that we have seen millions of times with a drawing program in its natural proportions, and you will understand what I mean. -Simple is Difficult- because mankind love confusion. They live in big cities in the crowd. They will never be able to master all their features, and they waste money on different kinds of complex systems. Our minds do not like simplicity. That’s why no one thinks to simplify things. However, whoever has achieved this simplicity has always been successful.

Serkan A.

I think TMT Mobile is a great system that many people can use comfortably in forex. I have been following your YouTube videos for a long time and have bought TMT Reversal. I have not come across any other system that explains the Forex market so clearly. And now I’m looking forward to learning all the intricacies of TMT Reversal system.

Şahin E.

I was a person who didn’t know anything about FOREX. Although I gained money by chance at first, I lost it all in a short time. Then I met Mithat teacher. I understood he had a different purpose. He was forcing information into our heads. He was telling us the same way he understood it. Because his aim is not to gain money from us, but to change the loser-winner balance. There are so many things I want to tell here, but some of them will stay with me for the next time. I’ve told Mithat teacher once: I think you are too good for people in Turkey, I wouldn’t go to all this trouble if I were Mithat teacher, but he does not give up, he happily helps everyone. Sir, if you help everyone in this way, we will not be able to make money in the future  Everything I have learned in Forex is thanks to you, teacher, I will be grateful to you when I become zillionaire in the future. I will never forget how and with whom I’ve grown up. I am glad to have you.

Cemil G.

TMT Forex Academy says: “You are not alone in this market, my friends.”. Indeed, we would like to thank Mr. Mithat for not leaving us alone for years. Many thanks for the training sets, strategies, especially for TMT Reversal.

Fuat Ö.

A job can done by many. No matter what we do, if you can add a difference and a different value to that job, it is unlikely that you will not be successful. He’s showed us if you have the right system, it is easy to win with ease. I’ve learned Mithat teacher’s system from the seminars and training videos I have attended. I would like to thank him very much for bringing this system together with us with a different perspective and a different interpretation in his own way.

İbrahim K.

First, I met my teacher from YouTube channel. Then I had the privilege of getting to know him and getting the training kits later on. I think he is one of the rarest people in the market in terms of personality and character, and one of the people who should be known. Good to know. Starting the market from this point is a huge plus for my future years. He is one of the great teachers who are always interested in his students, and never break their bond.

Uygar Y.

In fact, I have just realized not only how old but also how new and empty I am in this market. Like many small investors, I lost much money in the past. However, I started to pull myself together and saved little money. This time I was determined to roll up my sleeves to be a winner in this market. I thought that I needed to get training from someone who knew the business. First, I learned the basics of short simple technical analysis from Halil Reçber. Of course, balls out, I thought I could make money in any market with a few Moving Averages and a few indicators. It didn’t work at all, though. Despite all warnings, I lost almost half of my money, and I said to myself that I would not play in the markets again, even if it took 2 years, if required. In this search, I first came across you while researching what the indicators systems are and how they work on YouTube. I have seen that you are sharing not only how it works, but also the systems. Then I said “This is the right person”. But still the pieces did not fall into place. I learned amazing things, but it was necessary to put them together and finally I decided to buy your training sets. I have just watched the first training video and now I’m trying to complete the homework you’ve given me. Thanks to you, my horizon has been opened on the Forex market. I’m not losing money on demo accounts now. Of course, I have closed with a loss, but I am in profit. And now I believe so much that after this whole training process is over, I will be someone who gains money, and it is so precise and clear… I would like to thank you and your team endlessly. I’m glad there are people like you.

Yavuz Selim S.

I’ve been going on to use the strategy of Sir Mithat for a while. I have started to get really good results. In my humble opinion, IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO WANTS TO MAKE MONEY FROM FOREX, S/HE MUST HAVE A PLACE IN TMT FAMILY. I WISH GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS. AS STATED BY A TV PRESENTER; I SUPPORT YOU SO I HOPE YOU EARN BIG MONEY😊

In the forex market in Turkey, I can honestly say that there is almost no one who consciously practices and teaches this profession like you. We are always side by you today and will be in the future. We will not waste your efforts and we will be worthy of you in the best way, my teacher. TMT FOREX ACADEMY STUDENT.

Mehmet Oğuz K.

The way to be a winner not a loser, in Forex, is through your education. I feel lucky to have met you for the first time when I entered this market. TMT Reversal is the biggest indicator that you are a genius in Forex.

İsmail G.

Firstly, thank you very much for your effort. I have just joined you, but I can honestly say that your effort to transfer your knowledge and experience to us deserves an appreciation. As I’ve said, I am new, and I try to use the information you have taught as much as I can along with my own knowledge and experience, and I am already collecting the fruits of it even though there are points that I have not fully understood and resolved yet (it has not even been 24 hours since I’ve received the training set). Thanks again and wishing to be among you forever…

Gönül C.

I got to know the Forex market with you, Sir. I guess I’m pretty lucky. I’m still at the training stage and your language and style of education is great. When people watch, their confidence and belief develop. Thank you, teacher. Good luck with your efforts.

Gökhan K.

Sir, first of all, I would like to thank you. Until I got to know you and watched your videos, I was doing something “empty-headed” so to speak. Thanks to your trainings, you created the idea that I could earn in FOREX. In my opinion, you and the people who are seriously involved in this business should be supported by the state and should be among those who are assigned for the most beneficial projects for the country. There is a lot of misinformation in this market. However, thanks to you, I got tight information about Forex. Learning has no age. I continue to improve myself together with you. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. GOD BLESS YOU.

Nuray E.

Sir, I’ve discovered you recently, I’ve watched your videos, and your plain expression and kindness have caught my attention. You talk about the subject without going around it. I am watching the DVD set right now and I feel as if my brain has been opened and information is pouring into it, it is impossible to watch and not understand, thank you for your effort and heart.

Orhan T.

I was at a loose end. That’s why I lost my first deposit. I was indecisive and afraid of the market. Now my confidence has increased. I can analyse better and understand what’s what and why. Thank you, TMT.

Hakan T.

After TMT Reversal training, my perspective on forex has changed and I’ve started to make money. If I take your other trainings, I guess I will turn the market upside down :))) As I always say, you are a beautiful gift from Allah to the Turkish people who are in Forex market. Good to know you, thank you sir.

Uğur D.

First of all, before I met you, I lost a lot in the markets. I said to myself that I can’t do it. That was when I met you. You were looking at Fx from a different perspective. It caught my attention, and my real transformation was TMT Mobile Trade. After purchasing the training set, I could say that the market almost smiled at me. At first, I spent a lot of time until I set up the system. I couldn’t do it in the beginnings of my training, however; later I saw that it was very simple. I am grateful to you for this. I am glad to have you, I am glad to know you, thank you for your interest and wish you continued success.

Kemal G.

While I was trying to download loads of forex systems and solve them on metatrader, I asked myself “What am I doing?” and decided to take a lesson. Glad I’ve contacted with you. Otherwise, I, probably, would find myself lamenting that this system didn’t work out, either😊 Your energy has been very good to me😊 You’ve cleared up my messy information in Forex. Now I feel very close to success. I think I’m going to give you a headache.

Ümit T.

I stepped into this market not long ago. Thank goodness, I got to know TMT quickly. TMT has given me a lot, it has taken me from 0 up to 100 in the forex market. He’s put me in 5% of the part which includes the winners. Thus, I am now completely attached to my teacher and my friends here. (Although my training is over, I haven’t deleted the TMT Forex Academy template from my mt4 screen and will not delete it, because I feel alone in this market when I don’t see it there.)

Zeynep D.

15 days ago, I was a confused person who did not know which direction to go, however; now I see myself as a determined person who knows what to do and has the essential information. Thanks to what I have learned, it allows me to move forward without hesitation. Thank you so much for taking care of everyone.

Mehmet Ali S.

You’ve taught a former banker with a master’s degree from the Capital Markets Board how easy it is to predict the market, in the simplest and most understandable way. You’ve also taught me not to lose in Fx market and you’ve done it without expecting anything in return. Thank you.

Serhat U.

Dear Sir, I did not know that TMT Reversal was so effective. I had seen it in your videos, but I couldn’t believe it. Until I see those blue ones too… Good luck with your efforts. I am grateful.